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It is time to be reborn.
Sow, clean and bloom to the new
YOU, to shine, without fear.

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Meet Nekane De Leniz

Hi, I'm someone like you, and so I want you to get to know me a little bit. Long before I formally devoted myself to my evolution and growth, I made my life more difficult than it needed to be: I was ashamed of my intelligence and beauty and allowed perfectionism, pleasing others by putting them before myself, procrastination, and other self-sabotaging behaviors to reign supreme in my life. If you ask me why we work together and WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT, well... I am an example of that goal fulfilled in my life: I live and experience happiness daily, and... THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR YOU.

+30 years of experience around the world

Thousands of lives transformed


Expert in pre- and perinatal psychology

Specialized in human behavior

conoce a nekane

I believe in the power to flourish, prosper.
"THRIVING" is the method that will change your life 

I will accompany you on a journey in which, with much love, compassion, and action, we will heal the wounds of the past to live successful relationships in the present in prosperity and abundance.

It is all a matter of harmonizing our morphic field and expanding our electromagnetic field, reaching more comprehensive spheres for our evolution and that of Humanity.

when you start

When you finish



(Remember to take it completely to obtain guaranteed results)

Through this method we will be able to unlock the potential that lies latent in each one and that, covering the different stages of the program, from the inside, with commitment and courage, we will be able to reveal the light of each being, and with it, laugh where there was. tears; take courage where there was fear, or responsibility where there was victimhood, changing old beliefs that their result is to stop the person from projecting their light and shining. For this, all my knowledge about human behavior, pre and perinatal psychology, Breathwork, energy management, energy healing and evolution of the new human will be applied.

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Healthy Child, Happy Adult

The starting stage to prepare our journey inward, as if it were a ground that we must clean and fertilize in order to bear fruit.  A stage in which we face our greatest enemy: ourselves and our memories .

Stage duration:

10 sessions

Duration x session:

2 hours

Price per session:

Individual: 135usd

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goodbye to the mask

A stage to feed our being and give the inner terrain the nutrients it needs. We will take that step to accept ourselves as we are, without masks, without appearances.

Stage duration:

6 sessions

Duration x session:

1 hour

Price per session:

Individual: 95usd

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The final stage in which we will find that love for ourselves, extending it to our relationships, our environment. This is a space in which our being will flourish and lead us to the maximum expression of our potential in all areas of our lives.

Stage duration:

10 sessions

Duration x session:

1 hour

Price per session:

Individual: 95usd

Taller Thriving
otros programas

Other programs

Each of these programs It is designed to change your life and empower your being.

Higher Brain Living

This revolutionary technology helps move energy from the Lower Brain (base of the skull), dominated by the primitive energy of fear, to the Higher Brain (Prefrontal Cortex, higher brain structures). By energizing this part of the brain, which we use only 5% of, we begin to make higher decisions, living a life with more joy, purpose and passion, lighting the way for others.

Program duration:

24 sessions

Duration x session:

1 hour

Price per session:

Individual: 150usd

The first session is paid and the second is free.


Through conscious and connected breathing, positive conscious thinking and forgiveness, we will remove the memories of our birth script, which we have encapsulated in our cells, stored from the stages of pre-conception, conception, gestation, birth and early childhood. .

Program duration:

10 sessions

Duration x session:

2 hours

Price per session:

Individual: 135usd

Special price for full program

Mentoring "BE HAPPY"

The objective is to accompany the person to discover what they want to improve in their life; what are the fears that are blocking your happiness. In this mentoring, specific results are achieved, at crucial moments for the person. Always with the goal of overcoming any obstacle, learning from the challenge and always choosing to be happy.


4 sessions minimum

Mentoring duration:

1 hour via zoom

Price per session:

Individual: 100usd


A book that will transform your life 


"15 Years collecting these real stories that will help you make that change you need."

This book narrates the stories of real people who decided to make a change at a specific moment in their lives. It is not only the story of what happened but also the action these people took as a consequence of their decision to be happy. You likely identify with some of them, either because it has already happened in your life or because you are going through a similar situation. I invite you to read it from the knowledge that happiness, more than an experience, is a decision.

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"My Caramel Essence"

My Caramel Essence is a meditation visualization designed to connect you with the deepest part of your being, making peace with the three most influential figures in our lives: the Inner Child, Mom, and Dad. Go through the three main stages that will lead you to regain respect, value, and love for yourself. When you buy the Playlist Pack, you get the three meditations plus the gift of the original music in the last track. Listen now to a sample of each one and immerse yourself in this guided meditation accompanied by music created exclusively for this purpose by a great music therapist, Mario Bressanutti. It's time to bring out the best in you.


rescue your inner child

00:00 / 01:08


Acknowledge the divinity of your father

00:00 / 00:57


Honor the divinity of your mother

00:00 / 01:02


music to be happy

00:00 / 01:11
audio encuentro



Testimonials of changed lives

Only those who have experienced it can recommend it:

Maria Gracia 1.jpeg

Mary Grace Stifano

Lawyer - Colorado, USA

Since I initiated my rebirthing therapy with Nekane in 2003, my life experienced a "before" and an "after." I experienced a rebirth in the literal sense of the word, and my previous life, which was weak in the love relationship and without expectations or purpose on a personal level, was transformed into professional goals, successful relationships, and a beautiful love story with my husband, which I sustain and enjoy today. With Nekane, I learned the power of gratitude and, most notably and miraculously, the power of forgiveness. Thanks to her, I understood what it was to love myself, to forgive, to forgive myself, and to live life as that magical energy that we call God wants to see us live.   Nekane taught me to take responsibility for my life and not to judge myself, to treat myself with love, and to rediscover that inner strength that we all have to work miracles. So Nekane is a magical being of light that my beloved Father God gave me to help me achieve the life purpose I chose: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

How my programs will change your life:

They help you to find yourself again.

They help you thrive from the inside of your being.

They enhance your leadership skills.

They help you to envision and project the true image of yourself.